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we are #TRUFLER
A journey from tradition to innovation

Passeri Tartufi was born in the mid-1980s from the passion of its founder who, at the time a factory worker, collected truffles in his spare time alongside his trusty Pippo. Respect for tradition and professionalism have become the fundamental foundations of this company.

The love and enthusiasm for this magnificent tuber also led the children to discover the same passion and they immediately decided to join the company. Their entry brought a breath of contemporaneity, modernity, the desire to research, to innovate.

The son's passion for travel, for ethnic cuisines, his curiosity to know and research, made the Passeri Tartufi brand embark on a new path, using a modern language, with the aim of merging what are its 2 great passions: the truffle and traveling. It is precisely from these two passions that we "coined" a term that represents “ TRUFLER", Truffle (Truffle) and Traveler (Traveler), hence our motto“WE ARE #TRUFLER”.

In addition to trying to merge these passions, all the activities were aimed at spreading Italian flavors with the various contaminations given by experiences around the world, through the export to international markets of selected and rigorously Made in Italy products, bringing on family tables a wonderful mix of traditions, innovations, scents and unique sensations!